Community HealthChoices

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Community HealthChoices will deliver long-term services and supports and physical health benefits through capitated Medicaid managed care organizations (MCO). The CHC-MCOs will coordinate with Medicare and existing behavioral health HealthChoices MCOs to provide a holistic approach to services and supports. In order to transition to CHC, providers will enter into an agreement with a CHC-MCO and will be included in that CHC-MCO’s provider network. For a minimum of the first six months of the implementation of CHC, CHC-MCOs will be required to include all willing long-term services and supports providers in their network to ensure continuity of care for participants.
Prior to implementation and during the six-month period, CHC-MCOs will contract with willing and qualified providers of all types to make up their provider networks. CHC-MCOs are required to create a provider network that meets the needs of their participants and allows participants to have choice in providers. 
Providers will also receive direct communications to inform them of actions that they need to take in order to continue providing services under this new model.
Service Coordinators
  • For the general public - Service Coordination Online Course 
  • For service coordinators only, visit the following website for instructions on how to complete the training which includes a test to verify competency.
Nursing Facilities